Capsule Box Rotomoulding Machine (Close Oven Box Rotomoulding Machine)

we are specialised for the Close Oven rotomoulding machine, as known as Capsule Box rotomoulding machine. Close Oven rotomoulding machine is used to produce plastic water tank of rotomoulding process. The rotomoulding and Rotational moulding process product life span is very long. The rotational moulding machine having different types of model like rotomoulding biaxial machine, rotomoulding open fired machine, open fired type rotomoulding machine, Rotomoulding plastic water tank making, Rock n roll machine, 4 arm biaxial machine, rotomoulding biaxial machine and all type of Rotomoulding moulds & Rotational moulding moulds..

Model Range :

  • Capsule Box rotomoulding machine (100 to 5000 Ltrs)
  • Capsule Box rotomoulding machine (100 to 10,000 Ltrs)

Features :

  • A Specially low Investment machine for upto 10000 Liters tank product
  • Less amount of Space required
  • Low power consumpon
  • 1 Operator + 2 unskilled labour required
  • Less fuel consumpon upto 3KG LPG for 1000x2 tanks
  • 100% maintenance free machine
  • Hydraulic cylinder for Door open/close & machine operation

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