Plastic Extruder Machine (for Recycling and Colouring)

Owing to our expertise in this domain, we have been able to cater to the variegated requirements of the customers by bringing forth a wide array of Recycling and Mixing Color Making Plant. These products are developed using the quality raw material that are suitable master batch, which is being fed in to the barrel through, hopper. To process the input material, the barrel is preheated by heating zones with pyrocontrol system

Production range:

Our Extruder Machine Model Range having capacity of 40 kg/hr to 300 kg/hr.

Model Range :

Our company manufactures various models of plastic extruder which are classified according their production rate. Models are mentioned below.

  • NE/75/EXT : 75 mm plastic extruder.
  • NE/90/EXT : 90 mm plastic extruder.
  • NE/100/EXT :100 mm plastic extruder.
  • NE/110/EXT :110 mm plastic extruder.
  • NE/125/EXT :125 mm plastic extruder.

Salient Features:

  • Screw & barrel are made of nito alloy steel, nitride and honing finished for quality produce & longer life
  • All Electrical switch gears are of reputed & reliable
  • Digital pyrocontrol panel for faster heating & energy saving screw designed for reprocessing & coloring application of LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE , PP, HM, ABS, HIPS.
  • High efficient hopper magnet provided for detect and restrict the ferrous material from the polymer.

Other Details:

  • The screw is rotated by suitable AC motor with heavy duty helical gear box,
  • The rotating screw pushes the material towards Hydraulic Screen Chamger end with uniform and homogenized plastic melt. The plastic strand extruded from die are fed in to pelletiser unit after they get cooled and traveled through SS water cooling tank
  • Pelletiser unit cuts the strands in to desired size of pellets which can be collected in to storage silo.
NE/EXT/75 50 TO 75 KG/HR 24’ X 3’ X 5’
NE/EXT/90 90 TO 110 KG/HR 27’ X 5’ X 6’
NE/EXT/100 100 TO 150 KG/HR 28’ X 5’ X 6’
NE/EXT/110 150 TO 200 KG/HR 28’ X 5’ X 6.5’
NE/EXT/125 200 TO 250 KG/HR 30’ X 6’ X 6.5’

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