About Four Arm Bi-Axial Rotomoulding Machine

Backed by a team of dexterous professionals, we have been able to provide the customers with a remarkable assortment of Bi-Axial Machine (Rotomoulding Machine) . In the entire process, the polymer resin is loaded in the mold that is fitted on the arms of machine and then shifted into hot air oven box. When hot air circulates to melts the resin in the mold and the molten resin gets properly heated & oriented, it adds hears to the molds to the inner surface until completely fused. Then the mold moved to the cooling station, where the mold is allowed to cool by air, water or the both to slowly reduce the temperature when the mold is still in rotating mode. Finally, the mold is opened to get the finish articles & is then again reloaded for the next cyclic process.

Model Range :

Our company manufactures various models of Bi-Axial Machine which are classified according production rates described in the table below.

Production range :

Our Bi-Axial Machine (Rotomoulding Machine) Models Range can produce upto 10,000 Ltrs.

About Roto Project:

We provide entire rotational moulding project which includes Bi axial machine, Reprocess plant, Plastic Pulverizer , Mixture , Scrap Grinder.

Salient Features:

  • Most efficient in fuel & energy consumption compared to other types of machines. Uniform heating of the mold with forced air circulation and smooth Bi-axial rotation produce finish product quality.
  • Highest production due to lowest cycle time.
  • Uniform distribution of material hence possible to produce article with lesser weight.
  • Best compatibility in the market due to lowest production cost.
  • Lowest rejection rate due to sound &proven technology.
  • Flexibility to produce double & triple and till six layer tanks due uniform distribution of material.
  • AC drives of reputed make for all minor & major axis’s for accurate speed control.
  • Powder coated electrical control panel with dust proof construction & with all standard switch gears.
  • Control panel is equipped with AC drives, digital indicators, temperature controller, timer & advance automation circuit for entire process control & all necessary safety features. Auto reverse forward panel for minor axis’s.
  • .

Layout of Rotomoulding:

NE/3A/1000 100 TO 1000 500X4,750X2,1000X2,1500X2 25000 TO 30000 LTRS
NE/3A/2000 100 TO 2000 500X4,1000X2,1500X2,2000X1 30000 TO 35000 LTRS
NE/3A/3000 100 TO 3000 500X4,1000X2,1500X2,2000X13000X1 32000 TO 40000 LTRS
NE/4A/5000 100 TO 5000 500X6,750X4,1000X4,1500X22000X1,3000X1,5000X1 50000 TO 60000 LTRS
NE/4A/10000 100 TO 10000 500X12,750X8,1000X8,1500X4, 2000X4,3000X1,5000X1,7500X1, 10000X1 70000 TO 80000 LTRS

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