High efficient Mixture machine designed to generate heat due to friction. The Mixture Machine are used to mix granules with pigment paste or pigment powder or different colored granules for uniform blending.The Mixture Machine achieves heat while working is important to blend the pigment paste and polymer powder uniformly.


  • - To Warm the plastic scrap for easy extrusion process.
  • -For Blending Master Batch with the virgin granules.
  • - For Mixing Pigments or Pigment Paste with granules or polymers powder.


  • - Manual Opening Raw material feeder mouth.
  • -Moisture free blending and compounding with additives in different controlled temperatures.
  • - Manual Hand wheel Opening to discharge the Finished Product.
  • - Optional Pneumatic controlled powder discharge and lid opening arrangement.
  • - Sturdy construction.
  • - Driven by Standard Brand AC motor.
  • - Stainless steel vessels (optional)(corrosion resistant).
  • - Timer control for energy saving, Heavy duty bearing housing for trouble free working.
  • - Optional : Thermo couple to monitor temperature
NE/MX/35 20 HP 35 TO 40
NE/MX/40 25 HP 40 TO 45
NE/MX/50 30 HP 45 TO 50
NE/MX/60 40 HP 55 TO 65
NE/MX/75 50 HP 75 TO 80

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